Valentines Day for Kurtis and Amy

On Valentines Day I had the great pleasure of shooting the wedding of Kurtis and Amy. I got to know these two last fall when I shot their engagement pictures and I fell in love with them right away.  They were so great to work with so I knew instantly that their wedding would be fabulous.  I was right.  It was a great day, even though it was very cold and we didn’t get in to all the places we had planned.  This never fazed them one bit and they just rolled with what ever came about, as did their families 🙂  So great!  So here’s a selection of images from their day.  Its so hard to only post a few because they were all so photogenique!  Enjoy!


These flowers were so beautiful but the surroundings of the house really set them off.  The paintings were done by Amy herself.  She’s so very talented!!


Love a good ring shot.


Kurtis and Amy’s house is filled with just the right amount of modern and antique.  A photographers paradise.


Just for you Amy….teal and red!


Grama’s beautiful vintage pearls.


And just as much as I love a good ring shot, you know I love to be creative with the shoes!


Are you kidding me?!?  Could she be any more beautiful.  I just love this girl 🙂


This vintage mirror worked great for so many shots.


I know, I know….there are a ton of shots of the bride, but come on, could I have had a more beautiful subject?



I think this is my favorite photo of Amy….gorgeous!




The beautiful girls…..and of coarse the adorable Mr. Ace, lol.


I love how Kurtis was looking at her during the ceremony.  I have so many great shots like this one.


Okay, these shots are just hot!


We got some great shots of their fabulous wedding party in the entrance of the City Hall building in Melville, which is such a beautiful building, inside and out.







I love the shots at the train station… was so cold but they didn’t even show it.




PS:  Did I mention what a fabulous Interior Designer Amy is?  Well she is.  We shot in their house all morning.  Kurtis and her have put so much work into it and her designs are fantastic.  So if you see great little touches in these photos or beautiful artwork…..they are Amy’s!!  She is also helping me redesign my office and when its done I will post some pictures because its going to be awesome!!  She totally rocks, so make sure you check her out people or send her an email at and book her.  You won’t be sorry!


~ by browneyedgirl13 on February 22, 2009.

5 Responses to “Valentines Day for Kurtis and Amy”

  1. Great stuff Sharon. The car and train ones are so fashiony!

  2. WOW!! Great job Sharon, what a beautiful couple and fantastic photography! I LOVE the last shot, so amazing!!!

  3. I think I have looked at these photos a thousand times – Amy looks fantastic and I love how she wore her birdcage veil. Fantastic!

  4. Your work is amazing!!!! (It helps to have such beautiful people to work with)

  5. The pictures are amazing. you did a awesome job. It was a great wedding. vicki O.

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