We’ll miss you Grampa Dutchik….AKA “Sparky”

Over the past few years I have shot a few weddings for the Grandchildren of a very special man.  Grampa Dutchik, AKA Sparky.  Now Sparky is actually a nickname that I gave him at the first wedding after I met him.  He was quite the character and always had a smile on his face and a spring in his step.  He made everyone that he met feel like they were part of the family and I will never forget him.  Unfortunately on Christmas Eve, Grampa Dutchik passed away leaving a very big whole in a lot of people’s hearts.  I just wanted to post a picture of him enjoying one of  those special weddings.  My condolences go out to the entire family.


Now I also wanted to talk about another special soul that I met at one of these weddings, Chance.  Chance was the chocolate lab of John and Christine Dutchik and was a very loyal part of the family.  When I met Chance she was already sick and her family was doing everything they could to keep her healthy and pain free.  Sadly on Boxing Day Chance also passed away.  Pets are very important part of our families and everyday lives and their passing is never easy.  Here are a few photos from the wedding that Chance was a part of.  Its sad that she’s gone but she is no longer in pain and I would assume she is chasing after Grampa Dutchik up in heaven.




~ by browneyedgirl13 on December 30, 2008.

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