Wolfe Family :)

The other day my friends, The Wolfe’s, made the treck through the valley to come and see me for some family pictures.  Thanks Jana for making the scary drive around all those curves, lol.  We will have to check into getting them taken out just for you :).  So these lovely people have their hands full with a 9 year old, 20 month old and an adorable 3 month old baby.  I was a little concerned how the baby would do but she is like her mom and fabulous in pictures.  As is their son, Mr. G.  However, this adorable little 20 month old, we’ll just call her Miss R, well…..OMG!  Cute as a button but she wanted nothing to do with this whole picture taking thing, lol.  I will get even with her for that one day when she’s older.  However, here are just a few images from the day.  The funny thing is, even when she’s hiding her face or give me the snake eye, she’s still adorable!!!



How cute is she!!


Hmmm, like I said, “Snake eyes”, lol, but still cute!


Love it!


Oh if only Miss R would have co-operated for this one.


He is quite the big brother!










Love ❤


Had to post one more picture.  It was the only time Miss R was truly happy.  On the top of a 12 foot ladder in the studio.  Yikes.  Mom and Dad definitely have their hands full with this little dolly, lol.



~ by browneyedgirl13 on November 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Wolfe Family :)”

  1. that black and white family picture is awesome! and does the baby ever look like big sis 🙂

  2. Sharon, you did a fantastic job! I am still crying over how beautiful my family is in the pictures, even fuss-bucket Raeanna! Gaven was just thankful his “special” pics weren’t on here!….Yet!

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