Jay & Sandra’s Urban E-session

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting an Sandra & Jay.  I will be shooting their wedding next year.  Its always nice to shoot those engagement photo’s prior to the wedding because you get to know each other and feel comfortable with each other before that big day.  It definitely makes things easier.  Jay & Sandra were awesome, putting up with me and where ever I decided to drag them throughout the city.  Thanks again you guys and I can’t wait for your wedding day!

Love the contrast of the crisp fall leaves & the colorful house!

We had these furry little visitors all around us 🙂

Love the graffiti!

Love the brick!!

I was laughing at this one cause Sandra’s hiding behind Jay.  She doesn’t like the geese, lol.

2 pair 🙂

Love this shot.  Sandra you are absolutely beautiful!!!

Love the geese!

Jay & Sandra are getting married on August 2nd of next year so at the beginning of the shoot I told them to keep an eye out for a “2”.  We never saw one.  Then when we were pulling out of our parking spot we starting laughing at the meter.  It was right in front of our eyes!

We had no sunshine for our entire shoot so on our way back home, when the sun peaked out, we had to stop for a quick “flare” shot.  Love it!


~ by browneyedgirl13 on October 29, 2008.

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