This past weekend I shot two weddings. Sundays wedding wasn’t as fortunate in the weather department but that didn’t stop everyone from have a wonderful day. Monica & Dan were so very much in love, it was obvious the weather didn’t even bother them one bit. This was their special day no matter what and you can tell that by the smiles on their faces. Can you imagine how gorgeous their kids will be with smiles like that. So, it was a great day with lots of smiles, laughter and even some “star” sightings, lol. And did I happen to mention what great families these two came from? WOW!!

Getting Ready 🙂

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bride so happy on her wedding day as Monica was.  What a great smile!

I love a good ring shot!

The bride wore some very special jewelry on her wedding day.  She was with you Monica.

Almost time to go…

Here comes the bride and here comes the snow!

So happy.  You two have the most amazing smiles!!


STAR SIGHTING!!!  Who knew that Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys was invited to the wedding, lol!!

What beautiful blue eyes!  So jealous!

Love this!

Can you say “Gorgeous”!?!

Honestly, this bridal party was sooo good looking!!!

These two are so adorable!!

What a brave couple!!!  We shot outside in the blizzard for just a couple of minutes!  Like I said, they were brave but I think their love was keeping them warm.  Congrat’s again you two!


~ by browneyedgirl13 on October 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “Happy”

  1. WOW…love the red wall! very cool on a snowy day 🙂

  2. I love those shots of them getting into the vehicles after the ceremony. So pretty!

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