More Prague!

Here’s just a few images from Rory’s camera.  Just some proof that I was actually there as I usually find a way to stay out of photograph’s if I can help it.  Strange isn’t it.  A photographer that doesn’t like to be in photographs.  Anyway, here’s just a few of us together.

This is my favorite picture of Rory and I.  We went to the Symphony one night and listened to Mozart.  It was sooo nice.  And isn’t he just the most handsome guy 🙂

This is a really nice couple that we met at the Symphony.  They live just outside of Frankfurt, Germany.  Saynur is originally from Turkey so she speaks Turkish (obviously) and German.  Jochen spoke German and really good English so he did all the translating.  Its amazing how you can communicate through those language barriers.  Anyway, hope you guys are doing well back home on the vineyard and we’ll talk to you soon.

Food….well, what can I say.  Most of the time we had pretty good meals but here are photos of a couple of “interesting” ones.  Not much more I can say about that, lol.

Such a pretty city!!  Look at that roof line!


~ by browneyedgirl13 on October 6, 2008.

One Response to “More Prague!”

  1. It is great to see some pics of you on here!! I also really like that first pic of you and Rory…. but for some strange reason, I also love the pic of you holding that sausage and would love to know what you were thinking at that moment!! lol
    Tha last phot of you guys is also a really good one:)

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