Family :)

Well, when ever its time to post a new blog entry I always try to come up with some cute title that makes reference to that particular shoot.  Todays blog I shall simply entitle “family”, with very good reason.  I love my job and with every different shoot I am honored to meet such wonderful people.  Today was no exception.  Actually, today was one of the reasons why I do the job I do.  The couple that got married today, absolutely are the epitome of family and they come by it honestly.  They learned it from their wonderful families.  I always seem to be treated so nicely by the people that I get to meet at weddings but today, I was part of the family.  I was teased, hugged, kissed and thanked.  There were also so many laughs….and tears, hence the groomsmen so aptly naming me “sappy”.  I always feel honored to shoot such special events but never have I been welcomed into the fold like today and so I would like to say thank you.  I can’t begin to name names, I would have to list out the entire family, but you know who you are.  Now there is only one problem with all of this.  I seem to have become part of another family.  So at my next family reunion, I think my own family might be a little confused when all of the Konasavage’s and Wihak’s arrive, lol.  Oh well, whats a few more.  Anyway, thank you again to everyone and I hope you enjoy just a small selection of the shots captured today.  Congrat’s again Kim and Don and have a fabulous honeymoon in Paris!!!  You absolutley deserve the best!  PS:  I am sending a special thank you out to Sparky 🙂 Thanks again! 


~ by browneyedgirl13 on July 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “Family :)”

  1. Oh my…Sharon..those are amazing! I can’t wait to see the rest of them. It was such a pleasure meeting you, and working with you. Have a great vacation, and thank you again.

    Kim and Don Wihak (I like the sound of that a lot :D)

  2. Sappy,

    Hi! Hope you are enjoying your holidays. Thank you so much for capturing my borther Don’s and beautiful wife Kim’s wedding day with such openness, creativity, clarity, and humour. Thank you for your special sensitivity and gift. These pictures document a very special day in our families’ life. Glad you were a part of it.

    Here’s a quote I often use for weddings…”Circumstances don’t make a couple; they reveal them.” Your pictures are revealing as well. Glad you had fun and are now part of our ever growing family.

    Love, Life, Peace and Laughter Always…


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