A friendly visitor…

Since shooting at my yard is a new thing, there has been some fine tuning that needed to be done.  Of course, learning to shoot in a new “inside” space has had its challenges but the great outdoors has not been without its challenges either.  We have a one year old Collie named Axel who is a very good boy, but has had to be tied up during shoots so that there was no jumping on dresses.  However, who would think that you would have to lock up the family cat.  “Boots”, our 4 year old house cat, has decided to pay a visit to a lot of shoots lately.  I finally gave up keeping him out of the shots, so here are a few with him in them 🙂


                                                  This is who I was really worried about!

This is who I was really worried about.




~ by browneyedgirl13 on June 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “A friendly visitor…”

  1. Love the story about your cat..and of course the pics too. We have a “Boots” also:)

  2. I could do a whole series of ones like that, but instead of a cat, put Casey in the corner, or background, or right on the person’s lap!

  3. I love the animal shots! They always seem to have a way of bringing out amazing smiles 😀

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